Quaker Connections

Elizabeth Fry visiting women prisoners in Newgate, 1813

Elizabeth Fry visiting women prisoners in Newgate, 1813

The early success of Taylors & Lloyds (later known as Lloyds Bank) undoubtedly owed much to the Lloyd family’s Quaker connections as well as their strong work ethic. It helped that the Quaker world was a tightly knit one. As leading members of the Society of Friends, the Lloyd family was close to many of the most influential and pioneering members of that community. One of those was Elizabeth Fry, the prison reformer. Elizabeth was the daughter of John Gurney and Catherine Barclay, both from prominent Quaker banking families. As a girl, she visited the Lloyds on several occasions. She went on to marry yet another Quaker banker, Joseph Fry.

Horrified by the conditions she found in the prisons that she visited, Elizabeth campaigned tirelessly, and successfully, for the better treatment of inmates. Her efforts were followed closely by the Lloyd family.

Fry has yet another link to banking - she appears on the current Bank of England £5 note.

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