The Taylors of Lloyds Bank

John Taylor        

Portrait of John Taylor                                                    

When Lloyds Bank was founded in 1765 it was known as Taylors & Lloyds. Although long since departed, the Taylor family played a key role in the firm for nearly a century.

The original Taylor was John. He was a Unitarian - a non-conformist like his business partner Sampson Lloyd. John started life in Birmingham as a cabinet-maker, ‘a mere artisan’, but went on to make his fortune manufacturing buttons and other trinkets. He became particularly well-known for his exquisite enamelled snuff boxes. Something no self-respecting 18th century gentleman would be seen without.

At its height, Taylor’s business employed more than 500 people, and made a very healthy profit.

Taylor was 54 when he went into partnership with Sampson Lloyd. His sound business reputation and his great wealth were recognised, with his name being placed first in the bank’s title.

Signatures of Lloyds Bank founders, 1775

Signatures of Lloyds Bank founders, 1775

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