Staff Bonus

Distribution of staff bonus, Lloyds Bank's Small Heath branch, 1917Distribution of staff bonus, Lloyds Bank Small Heath branch, 1917.

Distribution of staff bonus, Lloyds Bank's Small Heath branch, 1917.

A significant issue for civilian staff during the war was the huge rise in the cost of living.  Despite this, salaries remained unchanged.

To mitigate the effects of this, Lloyds Bank introduced a scheme of bonuses and special allowances. Other companies in the Group had similar schemes.

This document shows the distribution of the staff bonus at Lloyds Bank’s Small Heath branch in December 1917.

Salary, bonus percentage and amount are listed against staff names. Permanent staff members – listed in order of seniority - were awarded 10% of their salary. E. Scott (third on the list) only received 5% as he was entitled to other allowances.

Temporary staff also received 10%, and Mrs Rainey, the branch cleaner, got a bonus of 18 shillings.

The faint annotations in blue include calculations for the total bonus paid out by the branch, just over £100.

The document was drafted by the manager, Mr W. T. Jones, following an instruction from head office. This advised that all members of staff should be given a cash bonus in recognition of the ‘loyalty with which the work of the bank has been carried on by those remaining at home’.

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