Scottish Widows

Scottish Widows' memorial, Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh.

Scottish Widows' memorial, Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh.

Twenty-three staff from Scottish Widows lost their lives during the First World War.  The company commissioned a memorial for its head office in St Andrew Square, Edinburgh, from local firm Charles Henshaw.  An unveiling ceremony took place on 8th February 1921.

Inscribed are the names, rank, regiment and office of the deceased, and the legend ‘Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori’ – made famous by the war poet, Wilfred Owen. Among those listed is Robert Logan.

Originally the brass plate was set in a surround of Hopton Wood stone. But when the head office relocated to Dalkeith Road in the 1970s, only the brass plate was transferred.

More than 100 men joined up from the company’s head office and eleven branches over the course of the war.  For further information please contact us.  

Details of the 23 staff listed on the memorial can be found on our virtual Roll of Honour.

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