Union Bank of Scotland

Union Bank of Scotland memorial, 110 St Vincent Street, Glasgow.

Union Bank of Scotland memorial, 110 St Vincent Street, Glasgow.

The Union Bank of Scotland commissioned this impressive memorial to remember their 84 ’brave men ... who served and fell in the Great War’.  They include Walter MacLay, the first casualty suffered by the Group.  He died on 26th August 1914 at the Battle of Le Cateau, after just twelve days in France.

Unveiled on 26th April1922, the memorial was originally located at the Bank’s head office on Ingram Street.  It was moved to the new head office at 110 St Vincent Street, in 1927. 

By 1914, the Union Bank was one of the largest Glasgow-based banks, with a staff of around 850.  Just over 500 served in the war.

A beautiful printed roll of honour was produced to coincide with the unveiling ceremony.  It lists all staff who served in the war, and includes information on the 52 military honours awarded.  For further information please contact us.

A fuller description of the memorial with information on its design and symbolism can be found in our From the Collections feature.

Details of the 84 men listed on the memorial can be found on our virtual Roll of Honour.

The Union Bank of Scotland merged with Bank of Scotland in 1955.  For further information see the Union Bank history page.

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