A reason to smile

Opening up

The Leeds dental practice that’s expanding services and creating jobs

Rawdon Dental Practice was established in 1963 by local dentist Harry Whitfield and is today run by current owners, Penny Allen and Simon Ward. Offering a wide range of services including routine dental care, cosmetic dentistry, regular hygienist visits and implants, the business has established a strong customer base within the local community and currently serves over 3,000 patients.

With a wealth of experience in dentistry between them it was always a long-term goal to eventually expand to larger premises, allowing them to recruit more staff and expand their range of services.

We quickly realised that we had outgrown our existing practice and that relocating to larger premises would be essential, it also made sense to buy somewhere new rather than continue renting.

Penny Allen, Rawdon Dental


Penny and Simon had saved funds to invest in high specification equipment and highly trained members of staff, but purchasing new premises with space for a central decontamination room would be expensive.

They realised they would need additional support.

I used funding from Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking when I bought into the business and found the relationship team quick and efficient. When it came to purchasing the new property I felt we could rely on their expert guidance.

Simon Ward, Rawdon Dental


Penny and Simon switched banks to Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking, which provided the £300,000 loan to purchase the property, Gable House.

Penny and Simon have also expanded their team to include an implant dentist and an oral health educator who runs sessions with adults and children on the importance of oral hygiene.

The relationship team went out of their way to ensure everything ran smoothly for us. Now that the new premises have been secured, we have developed lots of plans for the future and are constantly coming up with new ways to improve the service we provide.

Simon Ward, Rawdon Dental

Scale and Polish

Services like dental practices are a vital part of a community and Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking has a number of specialist healthcare teams that have a strong and in depth knowledge of the industry, enabling them to provide relevant and specific guidance. 

What’s great about businesses like Rawdon Dental is that they provide a well-needed service for the surrounding community and it is our aim to support as many local firms like this as possible. Seek good quality professional guidance to see if your plans are viable” advises Steve. “It is important that you have as much confidence in your banking partner as they have in you.

Steve Denham, Relationship Manager, Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking

Scale and Polish