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New deli brings fresh flavour & jobs to Galashiels high street

Local young entrepreneur, Ross Irvine, is the sixth generation of his family to run the wine, spirits and fine food merchants, which was founded by his great, great, great grandfather James Turnbull of Rule Water in 1855. 

27-year-old Ross Irvine re-launched the family food and drink business while he was still studying at Edinburgh University, aged only 21. 

The opening of Turnbull’s second store in Galashiels is the latest success story for the business, which is now planning to build upon its speciality in roasted coffee and blended teas.

We’ve revived an old empty building and made it a bustling and lively venue once again for local residents and visitors to Galashiels’ High Street.

Ross Irvine, Turnbull’s

A family affair

Determined to keep growing his family’s business and ensure its success, Ross wanted to open a new high street store in Galashiels, but needed financial support to be able to do it.

Backed by a six-figure finance package from the Bank of Scotland, Turnbull’s purchased the building and subsequently refurbished it to recreate the Victorian and Edwardian style of décor at Turnbull’s existing establishment in Hawick.

It’s always been our vision to have more than one Turnbull’s store. With financial backing from Bank of Scotland, we felt the time was right this year, and expansion was economically possible.

Ross Irvine, Turnbull’s.

Room for growth

The new 2,000 square foot shop includes a deli on the ground floor, and a cafe, brasserie and wine bar upstairs with space for up to 60 people.

As a result of the investment, the new Turnbull’s deli has created an initial 12 new local jobs, including serving staff, chefs and retail staff with 8 more positions to be created in the new year.


It’s really exciting to be able to expand Turnbull’s, especially in the current economic climate, and to be able to help and employ local people.

Ross Irvine, Turnbull’s

New business support

Bank of Scotland has supported more than 261,000 start-up businesses since January 2010 and encourages would-be business owners to speak to their local branch to find out how much help, funding and guidance is available.

It’s great to see such a young entrepreneur grow his family’s business so successfully. Turnbull’s is already establishing itself as a popular food and drink venue on the Galashiels high street.

Graham Nisbett, Bank of Scotland