Linear park care home

Taking care of business

Linear Park Care Home specialises in dementia care, and has been designed in a unique figure eight layout. It was created to avoid blind-ending corridors that can cause confusion and upset to residents with memory impairments.

The 31-bedroom building, run by husband and wife team Andy and Shirley Murray, had formerly been a standard residential care home, but  with the support of Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking, has been upgraded by the owners to specifically cater for the elderly and mentally infirm.

Having had to put my own mother into care several years ago I was determined to provide something for everyone that I felt would be good enough for her.

Andy Murray, Director of Linear Park Care Home

Home from home

The work included the addition of a sensory bathroom to help calm and relax residents, and a new kitchen and dining room.

The new extension has also added an extra six bedrooms to the home and a day care facility for non-residents, and will involve taking on an extra full-time care worker to join its team of 35. All of the staff have extensive training in dementia care, provided by Linear Park’s manager, Dawn Smith who is a registered dementia trainer and who also works to raise dementia awareness in the local community.

We’ve put a lot of care and thought into creating a safe and secure home for our residents, so that they can continue to enjoy a high standard of living.

Andy Murray, Director of Linear Park Care Home

Funding the expansion

In order to finance the expansion Andy approached Commercial Banking for the six-figure loan secured under the Government-backed Funding for Lending Scheme (FLS), having also re-financed the business through the bank when transferring from a previous lender last year.

We’ve made it a central part of our care to offer our residents full and engaging lives and to help them continue to live well into their old age, and the support from the bank to enable this development of our facilities has been a great boost to our work.

Andy Murray, Director of Linear Park Care Home

Funding the expansion

SME charter

Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking, as part Lloyds Banking Group, has made a set of pledges to help support Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) throughout 2014, in its latest SME Charter.

The UK’s five million SMEs such as Linear Park Care Home are the bedrock of our economy and as such it is their confidence and growth that will underpin the economic recovery as it continues during 2014.

The Charter builds on the commitments first set out by the Group in 2009, and is focused on helping SMEs seize opportunities for growth, as part of the Group’s stated aim of helping Britain prosper.  

We want to ensure that the terms on which we lend to our SME customers are fair and clearly understood; that they have access to affordable finance; and that we are providing the right support to help these businesses grow.

Lloyds Bank SME Charter Footnote1