Sustainable SMEs

Green benefits

Showing small businesses the benefits of going green

Taking up sustainable practices can bring benefits to SMEs, from reduced costs and increased profitability, to improved brand perception. On the flip side there are risks such as not meeting environmental legislation.

Many SMEs are not sure where to start especially given their time and budget constraints. So that’s why the Lloyds Bank Sustainable Development team has been running events to show exactly how smaller businesses can benefit from sustainability.

Showing SMEs the way

In late October, at the Green Britain Centre in Norfolk, the Sustainable Development team ran a morning session with SME leaders and expert speakers. The session set out the many small steps that businesses can take to make a difference to the environment - from encouraging staff to do their bit, through to specific initiatives. Along with presentations from a panel that included Paul Turner, Group Sustainability Director, and local business leaders, attendees joined in workshops on waste management, resource efficiency (based on our REDUCE tool) and employee engagement.

Invigorating the green shoots

The aim of the workshops was to encourage SMEs to take away clear actions for their business so it was a great opportunity  for participants to learn from the experts first-hand. A key message was that this isn’t a one-off short-term project but a programme of change than can be built into a business over time.

It is estimated that one third of businesses expect to increase their investment in sustainable business practices over the next five years so events like this can really help support our SME customers develop their plans for the future.

Lloyds should be congratulated on the leadership it is showing in this field.

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