Putting a roof over their head

Putting a roof over their heads

Helping to resolve the housing situation in Hull

Giroscope is an award winning charity, offering housing solutions for those most in need, including struggling young families, migrants and carers.

Established in 1985 by students and unemployed people, they took action to resolve their own housing situations by renovating a property in West Hull. They were inundated with prospective tenants, as they charged no rent or deposits and welcoming people on benefits. This highlighted a key need and they now own over 70 low-rent residential houses, dozens of retail and industrial spaces and maintain their pledge to help others with housing needs.

Building the foundations

In addition to providing low cost and safe accommodation, Giroscope offers high quality volunteer and work placement opportunities for those facing multiple barriers to employment. Many of the volunteers joining Giroscope are NEETS, have experienced long term unemployment or are ex-prisoners who find it hard to return to work.

Volunteer opportunities allow people to learn new skills in building and construction work to move forward with their lives. We also provide the help they need to apply for jobs or further training.

Martin Newman, volunteer support worker, Giroscope

Extending the support structure

The Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales awarded a grant of £35,000 over two years to fund the role of the volunteer support worker to help develop and expand the programme to include training in plastering, joinery and electrical repairs.

Les, a beneficiary of the charity, volunteered at Giroscope in 2013 and in July 2014 was offered a permanent position as a paid member of staff. He said, “After leaving prison I found it hard to find work and felt like a second class citizen. Through volunteering at Giroscope I was able to learn new skills.”

Giroscope has helped me to build my confidence and get me back on track with my life. I’ve really grown as a person and feel that I am still of use to my community.

Les, a beneficiary of Giroscope's support

The window of opportunity

This year, the charity was awarded the Queens Award for Voluntary Services, the highest award that can be given to a voluntary group. It recognises the commitment, enthusiasm and dedication of all the volunteers Giroscope has worked with.

The window of opportunity

Removing the wall of disadvantage

The Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales invests in charities supporting people to break out of disadvantage at critical points in their lives, and promote practical approaches to lasting change. They believe people have a remarkable capacity to overcome barriers of disadvantage if given the right support. Through financial and practical support, they aim to deliver lasting positive change.

It derives its income from Lloyds Banking Group through a deed of covenant and has a nine year funding agreement.

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