Getting customers back in their homes

Support for our customers

A long term project

At the turn of the year, many homes and businesses across Britain suffered from the severe storms and floods. While it may be a distant memory for many of us; the effects are still very real for many of the Groups' customers. As the waters receded, support teams were available and are still working hard on the long term project of getting our customers back into their homes. 

It is now just over 6 months since we were flooded last Christmas eve. We are now well on the way to recovery and I feel it is an appropriate time to express our thanks.

Robert Clark, Lloyds Banking Group customer

Dedicated to the end

With much of the devastation left by the floods still remaining, the restoration work to allow customers back into their homes continues.

When it became apparent how many of customers had been affected, Lloyds Banking Group's Insurance division dedicated a Personal Claims Consultant (PCC) to each of the 890 customers that suffered damage to their homes.

The PCC's kept in regular contact with customers, from their initial claim, all the way until they returned to their home.

Lloyds Banking Group also set up a dedicated team of PCC's specifically to manage the building repairs. Those PCC’s concentrated on working with our builders and making regular visits to customers in their homes  managing the claims process, providing real peace of mind that experts were in control of getting them home at the earliest possible opportunity..


Robert  Clark was one customer affected by the floods. His home was flooded and insurance paperwork was lost on Christmas eve. He was worried about making the claim, but the next day the Group had sent a team to help and were already in action; installing dehumidifiers and removing the remaining furniture.

Their PCC, Irene Foran, visited the next day to reassure them that adequate protection was in place and that everything would be sorted. Irene organised for the Group’s approved renovators to make good the damage as well as managing other aspects such as subsistence payments.

We met Personal Claim Consultant, Irene Foran, and she has been a godsend, helping us through the last six months. I know that we wouldn’t have coped so well without Irene and I would like to thank her.

Robert Clark, Lloyds Banking Group customer

Making a real difference

Irene has worked for Lloyds Banking Group for 2 years as a Personal Claims Consultant.  She enjoys the variety of people and situations she encounters on a daily basis and gets a great deal of pleasure knowing she is making a real difference.

“Day to day tasks for my colleagues and I include meeting customers who have had some form of disaster, usually in their homes. I explain policy cover and also get to know a bit about the household, so I can treat them as individuals and provide personal service and assistance with their claim.

“I have the ability to confirm cash settlements on site and instruct suppliers where necessary. Suppliers include builders, glaziers, carpet replacement, electrical goods and furniture restoration as well as drying equipment.

“I’m empowered to make decisions on behalf of the company and put the customer first. I can generally confirm to customers on our first visit that their claims have been accepted and what I can do to put their lives back on track. “

I enjoy being a PCC because I can make a real difference, offer advice and take the worry out of their hands.

Irene Foran, Personal Claims Consultant, Lloyds Banking Group

Making a real difference

Flood Relief

As well as Personal Claims Consultants, the Group also a Rapid Response Vehicles which  is deployed into  the worst affected areas, giving customers a warm, dry place to  seek advice and make a claim.

We’re also there for our business customers too. In February 2014, Lloyds Banking Group announced a £250m fund to provide fee free lending for businesses and farmers, as part of a range of measures for businesses and individuals affected by the floods across Britain.

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It is in situations like this that the products we provide come to life, but they need a whole network of colleagues doing great things to make them work. It makes me proud to see that when it comes to delivering what we said we would, we're second to none in making it happen, together.

Craig Thornton, General Insurance Director, Lloyds Banking Group

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