Living with Dementia

Responding to the challenge

Unlocking financial services for UK households living with dementia

In 2012 the Prime Minister’s Dementia Challenge was launched to make improvements to dementia research and care for those suffering with dementia. It also intended to lead to the creation of Dementia-friendly Communities.

In October 2013 Lloyds Banking Group and The Alzheimer’s Society launched the Dementia-friendly Services Charter, a landmark guide for financial services organisations, just one of a variety of initiatives and partnership working the Group is undertaking to respond to the Prime Minister’s challenge.

Our brands have a major presence in almost every high street and community, and we are naturally well placed to help develop dementia-friendly communities.

Lloyds Banking Group has recognised its responsibility to customers affected by dementia and is taking positive steps towards improving the service offered to people with the condition and their carers.

Jeremy Hughes, Alzheimer’s Society Chief Executive

Finding the key

As the population ages, all aspects of society have to adapt to the challenges of dementia. Three quarters of people with dementia have difficulty using banks, and confusion when dealing with necessary legal documents such as 'lasting power of attorney' often stop carers from carrying out financial decisions on behalf of their loved ones.

To ensure that customers with dementia and their carers are treated with dignity and respect, and to promote independence for people with dementia, we are raising awareness among our colleagues, and making operational improvements to help our industry move forward.

Discovering the key

The work to create the Dementia-friendly Financial Services Charter will help those organisations that sign up to make their entire operations dementia-friendly. This means that managing money does not add to the list of worries that people with dementia and their carers face.

Also in 2013 we launched a colleague dementia training programme and video; and, we worked in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Society and Alzheimer Scotland to raise funds for the Live-Well programme, aimed at supporting people with dementia, carers and families to cope with day to day life.

Providing support

Accessible banking is important to be the best bank for customers. As well as our dementia initiatives we aim to support all disability issues. We recently launched a new programme focused on meeting the needs of all customers with disabilities.

We operate a Disability Services Support team, available to help front line colleagues with disability related queries.

In 2013, the Group was the first financial services organisation in the UK to introduce a sign language communication service for customers with hearing impairments, first launched by Lloyds Bank then rolled out to Halifax and Bank of Scotland.

We are always working hard to understand the challenges faced by our disabled customers, looking to find new ways to improve the services we provide to make their lives easier.

Martin Dodd, Customer Services Director

Providing support

Helping future generations

Supporting households is one of the Group’s three responsible business focus areas where we know we can make the most difference and help Britain prosper. This means helping generations of customers across the UK to feel secure about the future, and offering the right banking products at the right time that look after their financial health. We also want to make banking fully accessible and inclusive.

We achieve this at Group level through our Responsible Business Strategy and programmes. Our brands help us to live out the promises we make to our customers through our branches and front line colleagues.

Our vision is to do more to add societal value in the areas most closely connected to our products & services and to create a business our stakeholders are proud of

Anita Frew, Non-Executive Director, Lloyds Banking Group and Chair, Responsible Business Steering Group

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