Sensitive service makes a star

Customer focussed

National TV recognises Aimee’s sensitive approach

Aimee Ryder from Lloyds Bank Huyton Branch recently found herself with a starring spot on daytime television highlighting the great service she gave to a customer living with dementia.

Her role in helping an elderly customer sort out her affairs was featured after the lady's daughter wrote to ITV’s This Morning to praise the service she had received.

Aimee, who is a personal banking adviser, has been with the bank for five years and clearly believes in putting customers at the heart of all we do. Always community-minded, she says she likes to take a keen interest in her customers.

Knowing your customers

Aimee regularly works on the reception desk at the branch and enjoys building up a rapport with customers.

Over several months, she developed a good relationship with a lady who always had a chat whenever she popped into the branch.

"There was always a bit of banter," says Aimee, "and she seemed to like coming in."

But Aimee started to get concerned when the customer began withdrawing large amounts from her account on a regular basis.

When the lady came into the branch with her daughter, who Aimee also knew, she took the opportunity for a quiet word.

I'm naturally quite chatty and friendly and like to get to know customers. I also like to keep things simple and straight forward for them. If you get to know customers better, you can then make sure you're giving them what they need.

Aimee Ryder, Personal Banking Adviser, Lloyds Bank

Expert advice

It turned out the customer had been diagnosed with dementia and her condition was getting worse. Working with her daughter, Aimee helped set up a process which helped control how the account was used.

Power of Attorney’s can be difficult to set up, but I was determined to help all I could and to take the stress out of the situation. I also helped sort out other things for them.

Aimee Ryder, Personal Banking Adviser, Lloyds Bank

In the spotlight

The daughter popped in later with a box of chocolates to thank her, but Aimee could never have expected what happened next.

ITV's This Morning runs a consumer section featuring examples of good and bad service. The lady’s daughter wrote in to the programme, praising Aimee’s caring nature and ‘amazing sensitivity’ and her story was shared on the programme.

Aimee says she was shocked to hear she was about to be featured on television.

I couldn't believe it, but it's nice when Lloyds Bank get the credit for the good things we do for our customers. It was lovely to think a customer had taken the trouble to contact a TV programme. I always treat people the same and didn't do anything special. I dealt with them the way I hope someone might deal with my grandparents.

Aimee Ryder, Personal Banking Adviser, Lloyds Bank

In the spotlight

Alzheimer's Society commitment

The story is all the more poignant because of the Group's links with Alzheimer's Society and Alzheimer Scotland. In June 2014 we reached £4m for our Charity of the Year, which has helped launch a national support programme for carers looking after a loved one living with dementia. Fundraising continues this year with the aim of supporting research to improve care and find a cure.

With Alzheimer's Society, we have also launched the Dementia-friendly Financial Services Charter. This forms part of a commitment to the Prime Minister to engage the broader financial services industry in becoming dementia friendly.