Our COLLEAGUE behavioUrs

When we talk to customers, we are dedicated, empathetic and knowledgeable.  These are known as our colleague behaviours, They are:


We want to be known for our dedication, so it makes sense that the people who work with us share that dedication. You’ll take pride in your work, and get a real sense of satisfaction from helping so many different people.

We show our dedication by actively helping each of our customers better manage their money and business, always offering them all the support they need.


It’s really important that you can empathise with your customers. Money matters aren’t always straightforward – but by putting yourself into other people’s shoes, you’ll be best placed to find the right solutions.

We show our empathy by actively listening to each of our customers and focusing on putting their needs before everything else.


Because we think the best way to deliver great service is to fully understand our products, services and the world around us, we expect our teams to be highly knowledgeable.

Our training will cover all the essentials, but we’d also like all our colleagues to have a real passion for learning – for owning their own development, taking their knowledge further and further.

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