Our Group services & Functions

In support of our vision to become the best bank for customers, our Group Services deliver for our customers every day, through the technology they provide, the branches they maintain, the telephony centres they staff and the many customer requests they process every day..

 We ensure customers can manage their money how they wish to, by filling our ATMs with £22bn every year and processing 116 transactions every second, whether that be facilitating the purchase of a new home, paying bills or distributing salaries and wages; with 1 in every 4 Faster Payments in the UK involving Lloyds Banking Group.

Business man in office building

The scale of operations required to support this in a robust and dependable way is one of the keys to the Group’s success – it is the backbone to our delivery to customers.

Managing the delivery centrally gives us the opportunity to invest in our capability and simplify the business, ploughing back savings into supporting our customers and developing our colleagues.

Our Group Functions also provide support to front-line colleagues and the efficient running of the business, with centralised teams setting Group wide standards for the highest integrity for the Group’s Risk, Finance, Audit, Corporate Affairs, People, Legal and Strategy requirements.