Memorial Album

Lloyds Bank Memorial Album, 1923.

Lloyds Bank Memorial Album, 1923.

Staff who lost their lives in the war were commemorated by the Group’s companies in many ways. This album was compiled to honour members of Lloyds Bank who died in the war. It was completed in April 1923.

Photographs of 680 staff are included, shown mostly in uniform. Their names, and the branch or department where they were working when they joined up, are also recorded. Unfortunately images for six individuals were not available. They are listed separately at the back the volume.

Hundreds of reproductions of the album were also printed.  A copy was sent to every branch and all next-of-kin.

An article in The Dark Horse staff magazine, poignantly remarks:

Who can turn over these pages and not read heroic stories into the all too short lives of these men of ours, who died so nobly that we might live in freedom?

A photograph of the Lloyds Bank war memorial appears at the start of the album.

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