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Lloyds Bank memorial at Lombard Street 1921.  Lloyds Bank memorial at Canons House 2014.

Lloyds Bank memorial at Lombard Street, 1921.                   Lloyds Bank memorial at Canons House, 2014.

On 8th February 1921, Sir Richard Vassar-Smith, Chairman of Lloyds Bank, unveiled a memorial dedicated to staff who lost their lives in the First World War.

The names of 686 men who were killed in action or died of their wounds are inscribed on a black marble tablet. They include staff from Lloyds and the banks it took over immediately after the war - the West Yorkshire Bank and Capital & Counties Bank.

A central panel bears the inscription:
These men of ours/ at the call of King/ and country left all/ that was dear to them/ endured hardness/ faced danger and/ finally passed out of/ the sight of men by the/ path of duty and self-/sacrifice giving up their/ own lives that others/ might leave in freedom/ Let those who come/ after see to it that/ their names are not/ forgotten/ 1914-1918

The memorial was originally located in former head office premises at Lombard Street. In 2004, it was moved to the retail banking headquarters at Canons House in Bristol.

Details of the 4,698 Lloyds Bank men who joined the forces are available from Group Archives.

Further information on the 686 men listed on the memorial can be found on our virtual Roll of Honour.  

Five 'men of ours'  died during the Gallipoli campaign, many more at the Somme and Passchendaele.

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