It’s a Dog’s Life

Lloyds Bank advert, 1963

Lloyds Bank advert, 1963

This image featured in a quirky canine-themed publicity campaign for Lloyds Bank, in the 1960s.

Today we take bank accounts for granted. But half a century ago many working people didn’t have one.

These adverts sought to show how they could make life easier for humans – if less so for their pets.

‘I hate Lloyds Bank’ this pooch is saying:

“Life’s no fun for a dog these days.  Half the men I used to terrify don’t call at my house any more. And it’s all because these people of mine have this account thing at Lloyds Bank.

Rent and insurance payments were now dealt with by the Bank. Even the milkman was ‘gone in a flash’:

‘They just hand over a cheque and he’s gone before I can say ‘Grrrr’.’

Pets certainly have enduring appeal. Fifty years on, dogs (in hats) feature in the recent adverts launching the Club Lloyds Account.

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