Enabling pioneering technology

Enabling Pioneering Technology

Though a handful of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are already being trialled in the UK, the University of Birmingham is believed to be the first in the country to employ the technology as part of its day to day fleet operations, bolstering its reputation as a pioneer in the field of hydrogen fuel cell research.

The development of alternative technology to traditionally-fuelled petrol and diesel vehicles is a key issue in the motor industry with the Department for Transport recently launching a £2m fund to encourage more businesses to switch. The delivery marks a momentous step for both Lex Autolease and their long standing supplier Hyundai.

Birmingham and The Midlands has long been synonymous with motor innovation and forward-thinking. This new partnership between two of the region’s biggest employers illustrates this perfectly.

Tim Porter, Managing Director, Lex Autolease

Could hydrogen be an effective future fuel?

The University had previously run five hydrogen powered cars on its campus as part of a research project. However, the new vehicle will be the first example of the technology to be used solely as a working vehicle as a chauffeur service for visitors and transport for staff.

In 2008, the University’s Centre for Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Research unveiled an onsite hydrogen fuelling station to support work carried out which will also now be used to fuel the car. The Centre focuses on research, development, demonstrations of hydrogen and fuel cell systems and has numerous patents in fuel cell technologies.

Researchers are working to determine how these hydrogen vehicles need to be adapted in order to make hydrogen an attractive and cost effective option as a future fuel with the delivery being another step towards that goal.

Driving intelligence

With over 100 years’ combined experience in the fleet industry, Lex Autolease is the UK’s leading fleet management and funding specialist.

The business, which was created in 2009 from the merger of Lex with Lloyds TSB Autolease, has over 100 years of combined experience and success helping companies run their business vehicles – with a special focus on helping companies create greener, safer and more cost-effective fleets. At nearly 10,000 vehicles, Lex Autolease now owns and manages the largest alternative fuel fleet in the UK.

Businesses have increasingly seen the value of having a specialist like Lex Autolease as a partner. The brand’s award winning service is acknowledged by commentators and customers alike.

As the leading fleet provider in the UK, Lex Autolease has an important role to play in bringing ground-breaking vehicle technology to a wider audience.

Tim Porter, Managing Director, Lex Autolease

Driving intelligence

Supporting the low carbon economy

As part of the Group’s ambition to Help Britain Prosper, Lloyds Banking Group has committed to support customers across the UK respond to climate change and become lower carbon.

We know our success as businesses is inextricably linked to environmental issues, which is why we are committed to managing our own environmental impacts, including reducing our carbon emissions which we have decreased by more than 29% since 2009.

This initiative is just one of a number of projects across the Group to help our customers' transition to a low carbon economy. We know that the health and prosperity of the Group is closely linked to the economic health of the UK, but also the environment in which we operate.

Damian Leeson, Group Director of Responsible Business

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