Wightwick Hall

Wightwick Hall

Colleagues from our Pendeford site have partnered with Wightwick Hall, a local school for Autistic children, and have been supporting them with some key skills to boost their confidence and help them secure employment.  

As well as running sessions at the school, the children are also invited into Lloyds Banking Group for work experience with a view of potential employment opportunities.

Lloyds Banking Group have really made a difference to the children, giving them help and support to understand workplace best practice and tips to help them in interviews. The children’s confidence has sky rocketed because of it, from not communicating at all at the beginning to having the confidence to take part in interview role plays. The difference really is there to see. I really appreciate that the team from Lloyds Banking Group have shown real faith in the children’s potential, seeing beyond their disability and making them believe in their own potential when others may not.

- Roger Carter, Founder, Work to Work charity at Wightwick Hall school

Making a positive impact

Jo Head, a colleague at Lloyds Banking Group, shared why she’s proud to be involved in the Wightwick Hall scheme:

"This is my 2nd year being involved in the scheme with Wightwick Hall. It’s such a lovely feeling knowing you have been able to help someone and hope to make a positive impact to their lives. The Sessions help the children with their confidence, and to prepare them to enter the working world.

"The transformation in everyone from the first session to the last is unreal. You can see each week the confidence and bond you have with them growing stronger, as you learn so much more about them and yourselves. It’s nice to see the Children involved in the programme excited to see us and look forward to telling us all about their week. I thoroughly enjoy my time at Wightwick Hall and hope to attend for a 3rd year."