Supporting Vulnerable Customers

Proactive Customer Support

Dale Wicks
, a bank manager in Brockworth, demonstrates how branch colleagues are helping customers in various ways that go far beyond what many customers expect from their bank.

Colleagues at the branch have been supporting more vulnerable customers to register for internet banking, and setting up a third party access agreements in anticipation of customers needing to self-isolate.

The Brockworth team also identified customers who have limited or no support and have been in contact with them during the lockdown, as staff were concerned that some of these customers would find next few months extremely difficult without support.

Dale has also been researching what additional assistance might be available for these customers through local community schemes, and has helped customers to register for these.

But the team have been doing more than just providing banking support, with colleagues dropping off essential items such as milk, bread or books to customers at home.  

They didn’t ask for this, but they mentioned they were running low. It brought tears to one customer’s eyes when he opened the door and saw some milk on his doorstep. I also couldn’t find one of the houses yesterday, and people were hanging out of windows asking if they could help, pointing me in the right direction – it was brilliant.

Dale Wicks, Bank Manager, Brockworth

Calling Ahead

Andrea Clarkson
 from one of our contact centres took a call from a very elderly customer and, in general conversation, the customer told Andrea that he'd been to the shops but there were no essentials left in any of the ones he could get to.

Andrea asked the customer which supermarkets he had nearby and explained there are designated shopping hours for older people and those more vulnerable. The customer confirmed the supermarket closest to him, so Andrea then called the store and spoke to the manager. She arranged for a bag of shopping to be waiting for the customer to collect.

The customer was delighted and couldn’t thank Andrea enough!

Delivering an above and beyond service

Whilst helping a vulnerable customer with a query over the phone from branch, Sarah Bull from Fareham went above and beyond to help them.  

As the conversation started to come to a close, the customer started to get upset. She was at a loss of what to do and didn’t have anyone else to turn to as she was just recovering from pneumonia and didn’t know how she was going to manage to get the basic groceries she needed. 

Sarah went and bought the groceries and dropped them (and some extra treats!) to her house. 

The customer said:

“Sarah is the most delightful, beautiful person to help me in this way, and I couldn’t believe how someone could be so helpful.”

Social calls

Colleagues working in branches across the Group anticipated that elderly customers within their local communities may be feeling especially isolated during the lockdown, and felt that it was important to reach out to them and offer support. As a result, in recent weeks they’ve been calling customers who are 70 and over to check on how they’re doing and provide a familiar voice at the end of the phone. 

This hasn’t been just about banking - in fact if customers do need any specific information about their accounts they can contact our dedicated over 70s line - but more about general wellbeing, establishing how our customers are feeling and any extra support they may need.

Today’s calling went so well and I’ve really enjoyed doing it. The customers are so grateful and really appreciate the call. It did get emotional at times when they were saying how much they miss their grandchildren and being on their own, but we always managed to have a laugh and a nice chat during every call. Most of the customers couldn’t believe we are calling to make sure they’re ok, rather than about anything banking or finance related. Just a simple ‘are you ok?’ really means a lot to them and I think it’s such a great thing we are doing.

Christie, Community Banking

Social calls