Details of the eight staff commemorated on the Halifax memorial who gave their lives in the First World War are given below.

They include three members of the Halifax Equitable Building Society, which merged with the Halifax in 1928.

If you would like further information on any of the individuals listed below please contact us.

Surname First names Bank Branch Date of death
Briggs Charles Arnold Halifax Equitable Elland 7/31/1917
Cave Joe Halifax Head Office 9/21/1917
Crossley Herbert Halifax Equitable Head Office 5/3/1917
Fairbridge John Bertram Halifax Equitable Head Office 7/7/1916
Hallowell Norris Lambert Halifax Head Office 9/20/1917
Jackson Arthur Cecil Halifax Head Office 11/27/1919
Pearson Harold Halifax Head Office 5/22/1918
Sykes Albert Halifax Huddersfield, Branch office 9/15/1916

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