We're working in partnership with the Woodland Trust to plant 10 million trees over the next decade.

Lloyds Banking Group
17 March 2020
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These trees will help to reduce the impact of climate change, potentially absorbing 2.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide. Our partnership has three parts:

New woods

We will be creating 10 brand new 'woods within woods' at existing Woodland Trust sites across the UK.

Working with communities

We are supporting the Woodland Trust with their Community Tree Pack scheme over the next three years, allowing us to plant 500,000 trees.

Supporting farmers’ low carbon future

We are also helping farmers and landowners transition to a low carbon future by offering preferential funding for more than 0.5ha of new woodland.

This partnership is part of our overall investment in creating a cleaner, greener UK – financing a green future together.

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Working sustainably

We’re serious about sustainability and we want to become a leader in helping the UK transition to becoming a more sustainable, low carbon economy.

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Reducing our own environmental footprint

Our ambition is to reduce our own environmental footprint and collaborate with our suppliers to ensure our own consumption of resources, goods and services is sustainable. 

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Planting trees

Planting for a sustainable future

As the UK’s largest financial services group, we recognise that we have a significant role to play in helping to shape the future of our country, which is why we were excited to help the Woodland Trust plant a million trees in 2020. 

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