Nature underpins our economy, our livelihoods and our wellbeing. We know that, like every individual and organisation, we have both an impact and a dependency on our natural world.

We recognise that financial services companies like ours have an important role to play in preserving natural ecosystems, minimising nature-related risks, and unlocking finance for nature protection and restoration.

Our partnerships

Projects for Nature

To support the preservation and restoration of the UK’s natural environment, the Group has partnered with Projects for Nature.

As the first founding business partner of Projects for Nature, we have donated £250,000 to three nature recovery projects in England. These projects aim to restore nature and engage communities to address national nature recovery priorities including flood management, wildlife corridors and regenerative agriculture.

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We have donated £250,000 into three nature recovery projects in England through Projects for Nature...

Weald to Waves:

Creation of a 100-mile nature recovery corridor, connecting over 20,000ha of habitats along three main rivers in Sussex to the coast; helping to boost biodiversity, reduce flooding, capture carbon and enhance the rural economy. The land-manager led project, run in collaboration with the Knepp Wildland Foundation, aims to offer a blueprint for nature recovery across built-up landscapes. 

Resilient Glenderamackin:

Project in Cumbria aims to deliver nature-based solutions to reduce flood risk, restore nature and mitigate climate change. Led by the West Cumbria Rivers Trust, the project will be co-designed with farmers and land managers to ensure the natural flood management interventions – which include re-wiggling rivers, planting trees and restoring wetlands. Over 40 land managers, including 3 commons associations, covering 11,000ha are already supporting the project. 


Peak District - Nature Recovery at Dalehead:

The National Trust are working with partners and tenant farmers in the High Peak to establish more trees, healthy peatlands, and thriving wetlands and grasslands. This will help to improve soil health and water quality, create more space for nature, increase resilience in a changing climate, as well increase and provide public access for all to enjoy the shared history of the landscape. The funding will support the restoration of 2.6km of wetland on a site nestled between the iconic landmarks of Mam Tor and Kinder Scout. 

The Woodland Trust

At the beginning of 2020, we started working with the Woodland Trust to plant 10 million trees across the UK by 2030. The trees we plant are all native to the UK and will help create havens for wildlife, boost biodiversity, and absorb harmful carbon dioxide from the air.

Over their lifetimes, these 10 million trees could absorb as much as 2.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide – that’s about the same as a quarter of the emissions that come from UK homes every year.

Soil Association

We are working with the Soil Association to pilot a new service, the Soil Association Exchange, to help British farmers accelerate their transition and identify financial and environmental advantage for their land.

We are funding this consultancy service for up to 1,000 of our largest agriculture customers, helping them to improve their operations’ ecological footprint and overall sustainability.

Bringing nature closer to our people and places 

We're taking action to help achieve nature-positive operations by halting and reversing the loss of nature across our key green spaces, including robust science-based measurement and monitoring, exploring external partnerships, and an operational pollinator strategy.

We’re supporting nature in our urban spaces, by delivering smaller habitats on roofs, balconies and patios using UK native and pollinator-friendly species to create stepping-stone habitats for urban wildlife. And we’re bringing nature closer to our people by developing engaging activities and inspiring learning opportunities for our people. 


Rewilding The Mound – green spaces at our Edinburgh office

We approached the Scottish Wildlife Trust for help in developing a site-specific habitat creation and management plan to enhance biodiversity at our main Edinburgh office. 

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Nature news and insight

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Head of Nature
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Lloyds Banking Group
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Woodland Trust Partnership

At the beginning of 2020, we started working with the Woodland Trust to plant 10 million trees across the UK by 2030.

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