In 2021 we refurbished our Lloyds Bank branch on London's Oxford Street to make it net zero carbon operations and create an immersive sustainability experience for our customers and colleagues.

For this refurbishment project thermal modelling was undertaken to optimise the heating and cooling energy demand, and an efficient heat pump system, with heat recovery, was installed. As a result, the embedded carbon content of the refrigerant gas in the heating and cooling system has reduced by 33 tonnes, energy efficiency has improved, and the reliance on natural gas has been completely removed.

Additionally, the lighting throughout the branch has been fully upgraded to LED, resulting in expected savings of around 10,000 kWh per year – equivalent to the electricity required to power three average UK homes.

We partnered with sustainable companies to provide furniture made from recycled materials wherever possible, including worktops, coffee tables, and chairs made from recycled plastics and textile waste.

Coffee table with sign saying: This tabletop is made from textile waste from spent army uniforms and bank suits. These are shredded before being bonded with natural fabrics such as flax and jute to form a reusable material.

Improved EPC rating

These alterations saw the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating for this branch improve from a D to a B, and helped us move a step closer to achieving our 2030 Net Zero Carbon Operations pledge.

A new Building Management System (BMS) has been installed to ensure that energy performance can be closely monitored and maintained over time.

The refurbishment wasn’t only focused on energy and carbon. We also fitted ultra-low flush toilets, which use around 80% less water than the previous toilets. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood was used for joinery items, and we partnered with external companies passionate about sustainability to provide furniture made from recycled materials wherever possible. These include items such as worktops, coffee tables and chairs made from recycled plastics and textile waste.

'Knowledge bar' area in the Lloyds Bank branch, with tea and coffee-making facilities, seating, an information screen and a large window with a view of Oxford Street.

Our Oxford Street branch extends nearly 1,000 square metres, creating a vast reach to engage with our customers and demonstrate our commitment to a greener future.

An opportunity to engage

These measures not only align to our operational climate pledges, they also create an opportunity to engage with our customers and demonstrate our commitment to a greener future. Oxford Street in London is the busiest high street in Europe, and our branch extends nearly 1,000 square metres, therefore creating a vast reach to connect and engage.

Sustainability information is presented around the branch through interactive videos, static and rotating posters, along with internal and external living walls, creating an immersive experience for our visitors. Additionally, it allows our colleagues, who have undergone specialist sustainability training, to engage in conversations with our customers on Lloyds Banking Group’s path towards a greener future and showcase our sustainability-focused products, such as our Greener Home proposition.

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Our operational emissions

Reducing the carbon footprint of our own operations is a key part of our sustainability strategy, and we’re working towards an ambitious set of commitments.

Our operational emissions

Environmental sustainability

Enabling the transition to a low carbon, more sustainable and inclusive future for people and businesses is key to delivering on our purpose.

Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability report

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