Championing Digital Skills

Digital Champions are colleagues who pledge to improve the digital skills and financial capability of at least two individuals or organisations each year.

Over 23,000 colleagues have already signed up. Digital Champions are one way we are committed to Help Britain Prosper.

Numman Miah volunteered at his local community centre at a session supporting those with limited IT skills. Many of the attendees were unemployed, and improving their digital capabilities helps them in their job searches.

Working as a Group Digital Champion is a source of joy for Numman, providing him with the opportunity to give something valuable back to his community.

"When you first hear of being a Digital Champion, you assume that you have to be a computer whizz, but in reality, it’s just doing the things we all do every day without realising" Numman Miah, Digital Champion, North

Having digital skills is becoming more and more important to modern everyday life. The things that matter most, such as keeping in contact with family and friends and managing your money, are made simpler by being confident online. 

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