Customer Service Adviser
21 December 2020
2 min read

"If I am being totally honest my initial thoughts were ‘great… here we go again, another session about how we should be a proper team working for each other not alone’, but I’m so happy to say I was wrong."

Rebecca was initially sceptical about Your Best - but she soon found that it brought about a real culture change.

“Your Best is everything, it’s the minute you walk through the door till the minute you scan your pass on the way out and absolutely everything in between. The Your Best has totally changed the ethos in my team.  I don’t think my team will mind me saying that, initially, we weren’t good friends. We came into work with no desire for growth. One day our manager got us all together in a meeting room and on the board was ‘PURPOSE’.

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Your benefits

As well as the wide range of development opportunities that are available, we’re committed to providing a compelling reward package which offers flexibility and choice.

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Learning and development

People are at the centre of our business and we're passionate about inspiring colleagues to be their best.

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Why we're proud to work here

From our ultimate goal of Helping Britain Prosper, to those special colleagues who go above and beyond, find out why we're proud to be a part of Lloyds Banking Group.

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