Meet Bernard Adjei

“I can show my skills and share my story.”

Bernard Adjei’s been on a quite a career journey – helping Britain prosper and achieving remarkable success as UK Young Banker of the Year. As a top 40 BAME employee within LBG, he’s as determined as ever to deliver the best bank for the customers and communities we serve.

With the support of his colleagues, Bernard’s made an impact far beyond his job description. From finding better ways to make international transfers, to reaching out to young people as a role model, he’s proof of how we make a difference together. “I’ve been able to showcase my skills, while helping others like me to stand up and be recognised too,” Bernard explains. “It’s an environment that fosters growth.”

Life with us

We have a flexible culture with an open and agile working environment that encourages people to build the career that they want, whatever their ambitions.

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Inspired to improve lives

Combining personal experience with professional drive, Bernard devised a more efficient way for customers to make international transfers, using a multilingual calculator. His inspiration? Sending money to his grandma in Ghana, and seeing that the process could be better.

After sharing the idea with his managers, Bernard we encouraged to make it a reality. Soon afterwards, he was awarded with the title of Young Banker of the Year. “I had the opportunity to really improve the lives of customers,” says Bernard. “It shows how we’re open to different ideas, cultures and perspectives. You can make incredible things happen.”

Reaching out to achieve more

Now Bernard’s educating and inspiring a new generation of talent. He’s behind our RISE initiative (Reach, Inspire, Support, and Empower). Through it, colleagues share their stories and offer advice to young people from disadvantaged areas and backgrounds.

Growing up in a tough neighbourhood himself, Bernard understands the need for positive role models, practical support and opportunities. At LBG, he’s found a platform from which to speak up and make a real difference to issues he feels passionately about.

“I’ve had the freedom to pursue what’s important to me,” says Bernard. “The business bought into the idea and it’s been amazing ever since. I can take a real sense of personal pride from my work.”

We’re the UK’s largest bank. And we’re helping Britain prosper through many of the biggest brands in financial services. Our scale and breadth is helping Bernard achieve more. Embrace the opportunities only we can offer, and like him, you’ll enjoy a fulfilling, varied career.

Together we make it possible.