Meet Niki Garsha-Davies

“I’ve time for the people and projects I love.”

By making the most of agile working at LBG, Niki is finding the work/life balance she needs to help Britain prosper. Whether tackling financial crime, mentoring charities or simply being there for her family as a primary carer, she’s able to meet her many commitments and get the most from her busy life.

Working within Fraud and Financial Crime, Niki protects our customers, communities and country. It’s essential and constantly challenging work, but she’s found the flexibility to achieve more on terms that suit everyone.

“There’s so much support that we have for one another,” she explains. “Now I’m more motivated than ever to make it work for everybody.” 

Life with us

We have a flexible culture with an open and agile working environment that encourages people to build the career that they want, whatever their ambitions.

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Deeper and wider impact

Through her work, Niki has developed a talent for project management and is having a much deeper and wider impact than she first imagined. Not only is she defining strategy, as part of the Lloyds Foundation Programme she’s also applying her knowledge to support charities like Mental Health UK.

By offering expert advice, she’s helping them to keep things simple, focus on what really matters and make even more of a difference. “As a mentor, I’ve been able to manage projects that will have a positive impact on people’s lives,” says Niki. “Helping others is a big part of who I am. It’s in my nature.” 

Room to grow

There’s a core element of trust at LBG that enables inspirational people like Niki the room to grow, the passion to achieve and the flexibility to prioritise what’s most important. Across our business, talented people like her are helping Britain prosper in remarkable and rewarding ways.

“Every year that I’ve worked here, I’ve achieved something of real significance”, she continues. “Lloyds pushes you to do this, and that’s led to lots of proud moments for me.”

Over 320 years’ experience teaches us that a successful society and successful banks go hand in hand. That’s why Niki is proud to share her passion for helping others. And it’s why joining us as a colleague will help you prosper too.

Together we make it possible.