Environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters are an integral part of our strategy at Lloyds Banking Group.

Our approach

Our clear purpose is to Help Britain Prosper. We recognise that the focus of the Group’s purpose must evolve in response to the current environment and changing customer needs and expectations, and will now focus on Helping Britain Recover.

With our purpose and the Group’s unique position at the heart of the UK economy, we embrace our responsibility to help address some of the economic, social and environmental challenges that the UK faces.

To Help Britain Recover, we have identified five priority areas based on where we believe we can make the most difference and which are fully embedded in our Group strategy. This will ensure we contribute to creating an environmentally sustainable and inclusive future for the UK, and by doing so, build a successful and sustainable business.

These five priority areas and the public commitments we have made for each of them underpin our environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives.

Our Helping Britain Recover priority areas and commitments


  • Household finances

    Help rebuild households’ financial health and wellbeing


    We will have over 6,500 colleagues trained to support customers to build their financial resilience.

    We will expand our ‘Mental Health Accessible’ accreditation for Lloyds Bank across Halifax and Bank of Scotland.

    We will partner with independent debt advice organisations to ensure customers have access to practical support.

  • Business recovery

    Support businesses to recover, adapt and grow 


    We will develop appropriate recovery plans for our customers, supported by 1,100 business specialists.

    We will support at least 75,000 UK businesses to start up in 2021.

    We will help at least 185,000 small businesses boost their digital capability.

  • Affordable homes

    Expand availability of affordable and quality homes


    We will provide £10 billion of lending to first-time-buyers and lead a conversation on access to the housing market.

    We will provide £1.5 billion of new funding support, including £500 million in ESG-linked funding, in support of the social housing sector.

    We will assess the energy retrofit requirements of over 200,000 homes in the social housing sector.

  • Low carbon economy

    Accelerate the transition to a low carbon economy 


    We will expand the funding available under our green finance initiatives from £3 billion to £5 billion.

    We will ensure our own operations are net zero by 2030.

    We will become the first major pensions and insurance provider to target halving the carbon footprint of all our investments by 2030.

    We will introduce a flagship fossil fuel-free fund to support green growth.

  • Inclusive society

    Build an inclusive society and organisation 


    We will set new aspirations for 50% women, 3% Black and 13% Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic colleagues in senior roles by 2025.

    We will maintain our £25.5 million contribution to foundations in 2021.

    We will support regional regeneration, including launching the 'Regional Housing Growth Initiative'.

    We will support financial inclusion by providing banking to potentially excluded groups of people.

ESG investor presentation

This presentation outlines our approach to ESG matters and provides a summary of our key ESG metrics and commitments. We have also published our first ESG report, with our enhanced TCFD disclosures. 

Environmental sustainability

We recognise that climate change is one of the biggest issues facing society. Our unique position within the UK economy means that the successful transition to a more sustainable, low carbon economy is of strategic importance to us. 

As a signal of our commitment we have set an ambitious goal to help reduce the emissions we finance by more than 50 per cent by 2030, on path to net zero by 2050 or sooner, supporting the UK’s ambition to be net zero by 2050 and the 2015 Paris Agreement. We also target net zero carbon emissions in our operations by 2030.

Inclusion and diversity

Approaching diversity as a business issue reflects our firm view that diverse teams, working within inclusive environments, are more innovative, engaged, and deliver better outcomes for our customers. 

As the first FTSE 100 company to set targets to increase both gender and ethnic diversity at senior levels, we continue to invest in being a leading inclusive employer. Find out more about how we are championing Britain’s diversity.

Our Covid-19 response

Customers remain a priority throughout this crisis and beyond. Working closely with the UK Government and our regulators, we have continued to support our retail, small business and commercial customers through a comprehensive and unprecedented range of flexible measures. 


Our Foundations

As one of the UK’s largest corporate donors, we use our scale to reach people in communities across the country. Our four independent charitable Foundations are critical to our vision of tackling social disadvantage by partnering with local charities to help overcome complex social issues. 

Our Foundations



We are supporting our communities in a number of different ways, including colleague volunteering, support for community organisations, donations to our independent Foundations, and fundraising for our charity partner, Mental Health UK. Find out more about how we're supporting communities.

Community programmes


Responsible sourcing

We want to ensure that we source the products and services we buy in a responsible and sustainable manner and we want our suppliers to share in our purpose. Read here about the key social, ethical and environmental values that we want our suppliers to abide by, as set out in our code of supplier responsibility.

Responsible sourcing

Corporate governance

Fundamental to the Group’s strategy are high standards of corporate governance, in particular, those laid down in the Financial Reporting Council’s UK Corporate Governance Code. The Group aims to comply with all main principles of the UK Corporate Governance Code. Read more about our corporate governance framework, and roles and responsibilities

News and insight

The latest ESG updates and opinions from across the Group

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This year, we have been reminded of just how important local businesses are to our communities, especially when it comes to bringing people together and supporting regional economies.

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ESG downloads

Here you can find our latest ESG reports and presentations. The Group’s key codes and policies, as well as sector statements, are also available in this section.