Our Customers

Committed to serving customers in the UK

Realising our vision to become the best bank for customers

We are a UK focused retail and commercial bank that has customers at its heart.

Our business, through a variety of brands offering different products and services, enable individuals and businesses to achieve their goals. Lloyds Banking Group remains rooted in serving customers in the UK. For us, serving customers means being dependable, prudent, safe and trustworthy.

António Horta-Osório
António Horta-Osório

“Trust of course can only be restored through our actions, day in day out, doing the right thing for our customers. This is at the heart of our strategy.”

António Horta-Osório

Executive Director and Group Chief Executive, Lloyds Banking Group

Our Retail and Commercial banks support the UK economy, ensuring payments are made accurately and on time, taking care of customer deposits, and transferring those deposits in a prudent way into lending for businesses and for people buying their homes.

With every interaction we have, customer-by-customer, in the communities we serve, we aim to do the right thing. That way we can and we will make a real positive contribution to our customers and the wider economy, and help Britain prosper.

Doing the right thing

We are determined to learn from the mistakes of the past. We took the lead in our sector on rectifying the mis-selling of PPI, to ensure we get the right outcomes for customers. We recognise we can only become the best bank for customers by acknowledging where we need to put things right, and deal with our legacy issues.

A fundamental part of meeting our customers’ needs is getting the basics right first time. From time to time we do make mistakes, but when this happens, we work hard to fix the issue quickly for the customers involved and learn from any mistakes. Where a customer raises a complaint we investigate the root cause and seek to fix any wider issues. This root cause analysis is fundamental in prioritising our operational plans to improve the customer experience.

Acting on complaints

We aim to learn from all complaints, looking to understand what actions we can take to make sure they are less likely to recur. Sometimes that action is to update our systems, or to improve our processes to cut down call waiting times; sometimes it is providing more training or information to equip colleagues in giving them the information customers need.

You can look at our complaints data in depth, through the right hand menu on this page. 
Complaints are bench-marked against the sector using the industry-wide metric of complaints received per 1,000 accounts. This enables us to compare like-for-like performance.  You can find details of this metric within the individual half yearly summary pages.

 “Our strategy and culture – the way we do things – are inextricably linked. Only by having a customer-focused strategy can a customer-focused culture flourish. Our business is based on relationships within the communities we serve, helping to deliver their long term goals. So, the way for us to help Britain prosper is to be the best bank for customers.”

António Horta-Osório

Executive Director and Group Chief Executive, Lloyds Banking Group