Lloyds Banking Group Complaints Data

January - June 2010

Lloyds Banking Group is committed to developing lasting relationships with our customers and we aim to provide excellent products supported by exemplary service. However, we recognise that things can, and do, go wrong and when this happens we are committed to putting things right as quickly as possible. We encourage our customers to tell us if they are unhappy and we view complaints as a valuable source of feedback and as a learning opportunity.

As part of our commitment to getting things right we are pleased to be able to provide details about the feedback we have received from customers who were not happy about the products and services they have received from us.

Complaints Data Publication

Lloyds Banking Group provides products and services to its customers through a number of brands or trading styles. Each of these identities is aligned to one of the Group's authorised firms. Complaints which are raised by customers of each brand are logged and reported to the Financial Services Authority against those firms.

To view complaints information for any firm of Lloyds Banking Group reporting more than 500 reportable complaints in the previous six month reporting period you can click on the links below each of the brands. We will update this information at the end of February and August each year.

To help you interpret the information we have provided a glossary of terms which explains key references in the publication reports.

The Financial Services Authority publishes collective complaints data covering all firms.

The Financial Ombudsman Service publishes separate complaints data on the number of complaints referred to it by individual firms.