Complaints (Jan - Jun 2018)

Lloyds Banking Group signifies ongoing commitment to customer service as complaints continue to fall

Total underlying complaints at Lloyds Banking Group have fallen by 2% over the first half of the year. Excluding PPI, complaints since 2011 have fallen by over 70%. 

The sustained volume was expected as underlying complaints include those from claims management companies, and about PPI. The Financial Conduct Authority’s announcement of a PPI industry deadline, and their associated marketing campaign, in the second half of last year continue to have an impact. When these complaints are excluded, total volume has decreased by 7.1% from this time last year. 

We continue to prioritise customer satisfaction, and now receive 3.2 complaints per 1000 accounts, excluding PPI and complaints from claims management companies.  This progress is further evidenced by the quality of our decision making, where the Financial Ombudsman agrees with our decisions in over 8 out of 10 cases, excluding PPI. 

We take customer complaints seriously at Lloyds Banking Group.  Excluding PPI, two thirds of complaints are resolved within three days, evidencing our commitment to putting things right as quickly as possible when something goes wrong. 

Commenting on the latest results, Jo Harris Group Customer Services Director, said: “The service provided to our customers is extremely important to us and we have a clear focus on removing the reasons that give customers cause to complain. Complaints excluding PPI and claims management companies continue to fall and, by the same measure, we receive just 3.2 complaints per 1000 accounts. Our underlying complaints performance has been consistently strong in comparison to our banking peers over the past few years; a position which we will work hard to maintain.” 

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More information:

  • To help you interpret the information we have provided a glossary of terms which explains key references in the publication reports.
  • The Financial Conduct Authority publishes collective complaints data covering all firms.
  • The Financial Ombudsman Service publishes separate complaints data on the number of complaints referred to it by individual firms.