We know that a safe and settled home is the foundation on which people can build a decent life, meet their true potential, and help to build successful communities. Yet, according to a new report from Crisis, Home is where the start is: The case for ending homelessness with homes, around 227,000 households across the UK are being denied this basic right and are facing the worst forms of homelessness. Against the backdrop of the rising cost of living, this figure will only increase.

The report also found that 1.8 million households on low incomes are living in poor conditions, experiencing potentially dangerous issues like damp, mould and overcrowding, due to the dire shortage of affordable homes, rapidly rising rents and increasing cost of living pressures.

That’s why we’re partnering with Crisis (working with Simon Community in Northern Ireland). Driven by our purpose of Helping Britain Prosper, we want to help Crisis achieve its aim to end homelessness for good. Making sure that everyone has a safe and affordable home is not only the right thing to do, it creates a stronger and more productive society and benefits us all.

Together with Crisis, we are calling for one million new and genuinely affordable homes to be built and made available to those on the lowest incomes.

Although there are many reasons why people experience homelessness, this partnership is driven by our shared conviction that to end homelessness we urgently need more homes that people on low incomes can afford.

Housing is integral to our strategy to grow with purpose, and as leaders in the housing industry we have the capability, scale and relationships to drive positive change across the whole sector. Since 2018 Lloyds Banking Group has provided nearly £15 billion in financing to the social housing sector, supporting more than 200 housing associations across the UK. 

We know we can help make a difference where it matters.

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Why our partnership is important



families and individuals across the UK are facing homelessness.



households on low incomes are living in poor conditions.

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How we'll help:

Call for 1 million new social homes to be built by 2033

Aim to raise over £2m through our funding, which will:

1. Support Crisis to develop and launch a brand new not-for-profit Lettings agency for those on low incomes, to make renting easier and more affordable to people wo would otherwise be homeless

2. Support the expansion of the Crisis 'Changing Lives' grants programme to help Crisis members to access education and employment or start their own business

Share our skills and time in volunteering support for Crisis and the local homeless charities funded by our four charitable foundations

Educate the nation and ourselves about homelessness and how we can end it

Work with Crisis businesses, community organisations and the government to help end homelessness for good

Homelessness Covenant

In 2024, we were proud to sign up to the Homelessness Covenant, developed by Crisis and the DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) and DLUHC (Department for Levelling up, Housing and Communities). The Covenant is a pledge by employers to prevent and end homelessness through inclusive and supportive employment practices.

This includes providing employment and training opportunities for people at risk of, or experiencing homelessness, adopting fairer recruitment and employment opportunities, and helping end homelessness in communities through raising awareness, fundraising, and volunteering.

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Our charitable Foundations

Our four independent Foundations have been supporting homelessness charities and projects for over 30 years, and are currently providing £5.8m in funding to 97 charities, in addition to providing other support.

This sits alongside the work we already do with vulnerable customers, to ensure that those without a permanent address don’t go without access to bank accounts too.

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Social housing: support and advocacy

Social housing is an integral part of the UK’s housing landscape with millions of people benefiting from stable and genuinely affordable homes. 

Lloyds Banking Group is the biggest supporter of social housing in the UK. We currently work with over 200 housing associations of all sizes.

Despite the construction of around 40,000 homes in 2021, there is still a chronic shortage of social housing in the UK. This is why we are committed to working with housebuilders to expand the availability of quality social housing across the UK.

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