Celebrating our inspirational BAME role models

We’re delighted to see three of our colleagues named in the celebrated EMpower Ethnic Minority Role Model lists.

The lists showcase business leaders, future leaders and advocates who are breaking down barriers at work and working hard to smash the ceiling for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) people in the UK, Ireland, Europe, United States and Canada. Representing multiple sectors and industries, the leaders featuring have not only achieved success in their own careers but have used this to actively drive for more inclusive workplaces.

Featuring in the Top 100 Ethnic Minority Executives List:

Irvinder Goodhew, Transforming Change Director, Group Transformation

Irvinder plays a critical role as a core member of the Group Inclusion and Diversity Forum, and leads Inclusion & Diversity within Group Transformation. She is a passionate advocate and role model for ethnic minority colleagues. She has a track record for driving change and making a tangible difference to increase ethnic minority representation at senior levels and leads interventions which support the Group's public goals. Among other initiatives, Irvinder spearheaded a tech returner program, boosting diversity in the talent pipeline through encouraging those on career breaks to return to employment. Recognising BAME is a broad categorisation, she led interventions to support the progression and confidence of colleagues from Black heritage communities. Irvinder launched the group's BOLD community (Black Organisation for Leadership Development), and empowered colleagues to take ownership of Black History Month celebrations.

Tanvi Gokhale, Segmentation & Propositions Director, Retail

Since joining the Group, Tanvi has passionately driven the inclusion agenda. She is a key Diversity Sponsor for Retail, a member of the Group Inclusion and Diversity Forum and Inclusion Strategy working group, and is actively involved with the internal REACH Network. Tanvi is founder of the Chief Customer Office’s BAME committee, which has driven increases in colleague disclosure rates and advocate involvement. She pioneered “Ask Me Anything” sessions to encourage BAME colleagues to share experiences and be more confident. Other initiatives she has led include a hiring and retention program for BAME talent and a reverse mentoring program. Tanvi was invited to join the Deloitte Academy BAME on Boards Programme. She is a regular keynote and panel speaker at industry diversity events.

Featuring in the EMpower 100 Ethnic Minority Future Leaders List:

Bernard Adjei, Programme Manager, Group Transformation

Bernardis the Founder of the Race, Ethnicity and Cultural Heritage  (REACH) Network’s RISE (Reach Inspire Support Empower) Programme, which provides work experience and apprenticeships to young people at 10 colleges across the country. Recognised recently in the internal REACH 2020 Ethnicity Role Models list, Bernard is also an ally of the internal Rainbow Network and has supported more than 350 students in the UK through coaching and workshops. He is committed to driving inclusion in the workplace and beyond, most notably as a Board member of the UK Chartered Banking Institute’s Forum where he raised over £1m in funds for the 2025 Foundation scheme aimed at increasing opportunities for disadvantaged youth.