In order to protect our customers and colleagues during the fast-changing Coronavirus / COVID-19 situation, all job interviews at Lloyds Banking Group are being carried out as video interviews at this time.

If you haven’t been interviewed by video before, you might be feeling a bit unsure of what to expect or how to prepare. Follow the points below to help you have a smooth and comfortable experience:

Essentials before the video interview

  • Experiment. Familiarise yourself with the video platform, use it with friends/family to ensure the camera and audio are working with no technical issues.
  • Connection. Make sure you have a stable internet connection. 
  • Remove Distractions. Close web pages and applications, and turn your notifications off. 
  • Devices. Ideally you would use a laptop, but you can use your tablet/mobile phone. Ensure the device is plugged in and fully charged. 

For our full video interviewing guide, including how to set up Microsoft Teams, click here


Things to also consider

  1. Punctuality. Aim to be ready at least 5 minutes beforehand so that you have time to relax and prepare.
  2. Drink. Make sure to grab yourself a drink, you are welcome to bring it along to the interview. 
  3. Lighting. Check that the room has good lighting and that your face is clearly visable. 
  4. Backgrounds. Set up your camera so that it's facing a neutral background, with any distractions removed.
  5. Noises. Use a room where there is minimal background noise or chance of being disturbed. 
  6. Positioning. Position yourself so that you are in the centre of the screen. 
  7. Dress code. Dress appropriately, as you would for a face-to-face interview. 
  8. Calls. If using a mobile phone, divert any incoming calls to voicemail to prevent distraction. 
  9. Eye contact. Look directly into the camera and make eye contact with your interviewer to show you are engaged. 
  10. Audio. Consider using headphones for better audio quality. 
  11. Be yourself. As with face-to-face interviews, video interviews can help showcase you, your skills and personality. It is improtant that you be yourself and do not let virtual reality obsure who you are in real life.