We moved our job share from finance to nature


Having successfully job-shared for the past eight years and moved to a new role together in Group Environmental Sustainability, Annabelle and Clare are united by their hope for the future.

Clare (left) and Annabelle now work as Senior Managers in the Nature team, part of Group Environmental Sustainability.

A united front

We are huge advocates of job-sharing and believe it brings so many benefits to the business and the individual. This way of working is a game changer for anyone wanting to work part time – whatever the circumstances. For individuals, it means they can have a career and a great work-life balance; they're not mutually exclusive. We’ve had a fantastic career with Lloyds Banking Group and we feel that job-sharing has allowed us to pursue our ambition to progress and grow whilst working part time.

We’ve previously worked in Finance doing a variety of roles and we’re proud to have gained a promotion as a job-share – along with the name “Clarabelle”! During this time we led a team which included managing another job-share pair. Recently, we took an opportunity to move into Environmental Sustainability and now work in the Nature team.

“We've chosen to do something together that’s aligned to our values and has a truly inspiring purpose. We know it's going to challenge us and allow us to continue to feel motivated and grow.”

Between us we have a broad spectrum of skills and we use these to the team’s and business’ advantage. We recognise and amplify each other’s strengths. For example, Annabelle is more creatively minded, and Clare is more detailed-oriented. This, as well as our shared values, makes us a great team and an asset to the business. 

Sharing today for a better tomorrow

Our team in environmental sustainability helps create a more sustainable future for people and businesses through our strategy, core business and cross-business collaboration. Climate change and nature loss are inseparable and whilst organisations have so far mainly focused on climate, we know the nature crisis is here – the rate of global change in nature during the past 50 years is unprecedented in human history. Protecting and restoring nature goes hand-in-hand with supporting the transition to a low carbon economy, and ultimately helping Britain prosper.

We joined the Group’s Environmental Sustainability Team in 2022, supporting Dr Rebecca Heaton in setting up the team. After completing a course on climate change with a distinction through the Cambridge Institute of Sustainable Leadership, we transferred to the Senior Manager role in the Nature team. Within the Nature team, our primary focus is developing partnerships and customer propositions to help integrate nature into the business and developing training to meet business unit requirements.  

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