Meet Clare and Annabelle

“We’re job sharing seamlessly”

Talk to Clare and Annabelle, and you’ll hear a great example of how our collaborative approach to agile working is helping Britain prosper. When both women decided to reduce their working hours, their manager suggested job sharing. It made perfect sense, and soon everything fell into place.

By bringing two minds to one role, they’ve not only been able to deliver an exceptional service for their colleagues and customers. They’ve also found more time to spend with their families and do what they love – whether that’s rock climbing for Anabelle or photography for Clare.

“We were definitely encouraged to do it, which was fantastic,” says Clare. “We’re very much on the same wavelength”, adds Annabelle. “And we’re empowered to go ahead and be creative. Which is why we’re both just absolutely loving our job, aren’t we?”

Life with us

We have a flexible culture with an open and agile working environment that encourages people to build the career that they want, whatever their ambitions.

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Developing skills, sharing knowledge

Clare Freshwater-Turner is helping Britain prosper by doing what she does best; collaborating, communicating and sharing knowledge. By mentoring local start-ups and charities, she’s found a rewarding way to make a positive difference to her community – and all while developing her own professional skills.

“As a mentor, I’ve been able to give people the guidance they need to achieve their goals,’ explains Clare. “It’s really rewarding work. I’ve learned from it, and it’s great that I’ve been given the time to go and do it.”

Empowering opportunities

Through the support of colleagues and the flexibility of her job-share role, Clare’s been able to add another dimension to her career. Inspiring others has motivated her to take part in our Finance Female Talent programme – which, coincidently, is currently being run by Annabelle.

This year-long initiative includes masterclasses in areas such as personal branding and resilience, and is empowering talented women across the business. It’s helping to achieve our goal to get 40%+ women in leadership positions by 2020. 

“Empowerment is quite a key word in our role”, continues Clare. “We’re actively encouraged to challenge how things are done, and then given the responsibility and power to change it.”

Time to do what you love

Through her job share, Annabelle Richards has found more energy than ever to deliver the exceptional service her colleagues and customers rely on. And now she’s using her days off to enjoy family life, as well as indulging her passion for rock climbing across the country.

“It’s given me the focus to achieve even more at work, while getting more out of life,” says Annabelle. “It’s worked out really well for everyone.”

Help Britain prosper as part of our team, and you can enjoy a better work/life balance too. We know that everyone’s different, so we’ve developed an exceptional approach to agile working. Join us and we’ll support you to make a difference where and when it matters most.

Together we make it possible.