Meet Krystyna Dougall

“The level of support makes anything possible.”

When Krystyna approached the end of her second maternity leave, she knew balancing life and work would be challenging – especially with a long commute to London. The solution? Relocating to her native Scotland and helping Britain prosper from our Edinburgh office.

With the full support of her line manager, Krystyna made the move within three months. She hasn’t looked back. It’s a great example of how the scale and reach of our UK-wide business gives people the freedom to achieve their best.

“For me, it’s about having the conversation and feeling comfortable enough to ask,” observes Krystyna. “Because colleagues listen to and empathise with each other, it’s been an incredibly supportive experience.”

Life with us

We have a flexible culture with an open and agile working environment that encourages people to build the career that they want, whatever their ambitions.

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Diverse opportunities

Krystyna’s work is highly technical. By creating complex models which dictate our pension schemes, she’s having a significant impact on our balance sheet. And that’s making a positive difference to everyone.

While managing the risks associated with £40bn of assets, she’s also sharing her specialist knowledge with others to great effect. What’s more, you’ll find her working with our Inclusion & Diversity team to deliver training and raise awareness.

“It’s great to break out of your silo and get involved in several areas,” says Krystyna. “I really do think it has an impact and I can absolutely see the benefit in it.”

More focused and productive

Because she’s trusted to deliver when it matters, Krystyna enjoys the ability to adapt her hours around the people and places that matter most to her. As a result, she feels she’s more focused and productive in her work than ever before.

“I’ve found incredible support in terms of flexible hours,” explains Krystyna. “There’s trust and understanding. It’s give and take, you know?”

Help Britain prosper as part of our team, and you can enjoy a better work/life balance. We know that everyone’s different, so we’ve developed an exceptional approach to agile working. Join us and we’ll support you to make a difference where and when it matters most.

Together we make it possible.