Agile working

What is agile working?

Agile working is key to ensuring our colleagues can have a rewarding career and a healthy lifestyle balance.

During hiring and if the need arises when you work for us, we’re happy to consider options other than 9-to-5 office-based work. Agile working is more than working flexibly — it’s about empowering and entrusting colleagues to think creatively about how, when and where they work, to deliver the best outcomes.

Agile working can mean:

  • part–time
  • job share
  • reduced hours
  • compressed hours
  • home working, or
  • other flexible arrangements.

Over a third of our workforce already work in an agile way.

Who can work in an agile way?

You don’t have to be a parent or carer to work agile – some colleagues use it to pursue further study or for many other reasons. When you ask to work in an agile way, we’ll consider the your needs and the needs of your role, and try and find something that works for everyone.

How our agile working offer is getting better

We’re a founder member of the Agile Future Forum, a group of leading UK employers supporting flexible working. Through the Forum, we’ve been looking at ways to become even more agile.

We’re also investing £1 billion over the next three years in a strong technology infrastructure that will mean we can embed agile working in the business, delivering a seamless service to customers.

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