Innovate at pace; inspire at scale.

Given the scale of our business – and our digital ambitions – it’s no surprise that Cloud is going to be front and centre of everything we do. As part of this fast-growing area, you’ll be supported by our partnerships with leading Cloud providers as you look to get the best out of the latest technologies and apply your skills to some complex, business-critical projects.

Essentially, you’ll help to accelerate the pace of change across the Group within a flexible, innovative environment that will challenge and inspire you in equal measure. Get ready to help us deploy smarter, simpler, more resilient and more agile tech as we move on to the next exciting phase of our digital journey. 

Innovate to mitigate

“At the moment I am working on a new tool which brings together identified threats and guardrails which are scanned in real time for complete visibility and end-to-end traceability on a single user application.”

Teena, Security Engineer, Cloud Centre of Excellence Security Engineering

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Do amazing things with Azure

“I’m currently working on a cloud native environment based on Microsoft Azure and Azure DevOps, which is enabling our Engineering teams to deliver features more safely and efficiently to customers.”

Sarah, Cloud Platform Engineer, Digital Transformation

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How Cloud is driving our transformation

Our Cloud Engineers are involved in everything from shaping Cloud technology roadmaps through to finding opportunities for new features and products that our customers will love. Using a stack that includes GCP, Azure, OpenShift and Kubernetes, they work collaboratively with other engineering teams to design, build and release enterprise-class solutions that will help us to deliver our next generation of services. To succeed here, you’ll need to be an innovative collaborator who loves finding new ways to optimise the power of the Cloud. 

Some of our roles

Cloud Engineers

Working on a variety of flagship projects, our Cloud Engineers provide the strategic platforms that are delivering the next generation of services and shaping the future of banking.

Cloud Adoption Engineers

As we accelerate our adoption of Cloud platforms, our Cloud Adoption Engineers support our consumer-facing technologies to make them as intuitive, accessible and user-friendly as possible.

Cloud FinOps

As more of our work moves to the Cloud, we need the right controls, governance and support in place to protect against financial risks. That’s the role of colleagues in Cloud FinOps.

Cloud Risk

With innovation and insight, these colleagues define our Cloud risk strategy. Day to day, they're also responsible for developing the controls that keep us one step ahead of threats. 

Cloud Site Reliability Engineers

Working closely with colleagues in Software Development and IT Operations, these colleagues ensure our systems are reliable and enable us to deliver quality and control.