The rise of agile working

The rise of Agile working

“Agile working”, “flexible working”, “job shares”, “working from home”. These are terms we’re seeing more and more of when discussing the future of work.

However, while 87% of people already work or want to work in agile ways, only 12% of job postings mention the possibility of doing so. (Timewise Flexible Jobs 2017)

This issue is creating a talent bottleneck, with businesses and candidates missing out on the opportunity to make the most of a growing talent pipeline which rates agile working as a priority.

We launched our agile hiring programme and set out to address this issue by increasing the number of roles we advertise with the opportunity of agile working.

Timewise: the results

We asked Timewise, specialists in agile working, to review the success of the first year of our agile hiring initiative.

They found that the number of roles advertised with the option of agile working had more than doubled to 88% (from 41%) following the launch of our agile hiring initiative.

The success of our commitment to Agile Hiring was also obvious in Timewise’s competitor analysis, where we’ve moved from 4th to 1st position in only a year. (When ranked against competitors for the percentage of roles advertised with an agile option.)

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