Adapting to new ways of working

Matt Sinnott, Group People and Property Director, reflects on how we've been able to work in a flexible and collaborative way during the coronavirus pandemic, and how colleagues have risen to the challenge and kept delivering for customers despite the difficult circumstances.

Video transcript

The events that took place in the first half of this year have really accelerated our future ways of working.

During lockdown, we demonstrated that we can work remotely at scale, going from around 15,000 regular home workers to almost 50,000 overnight. We shipped 20,000 laptops and 25,000 office items to our people in their homes.

At the same time, thanks to our heroic key workers, we safely kept our branches and contact centres across the UK open when our customers needed us most. 

Despite the challenges, I'm pleased that 89% of our people said we'd adapted well as an organisation to our new ways of working, and 75% feel supported to balance work and home life.

Looking forward, I’m keen that we hold on to the best bits from life in lockdown such as quicker decision making, sustainability gains and working flexibly.

And our record investment in learning and development is even more important given the demand for new skills as we adapt at pace.

I’m also proud of the progress we’ve made to remove the stigma often associated with mental health and putting our wellbeing first.

Today, there’s more awareness and support available than ever before and that puts us in a strong position as we work through the long term impact of the pandemic together.