What time is it? Daylight robbery time

26 March 2019

As the clocks go forward this weekend, it’s official: daylight savings time is on the horizon. Or daylight robbery time, if homeowners fail to be vigilant against burglaries. 

Unforced burglary1 claims increased by more than half (56.9%) between March 2018 vs. April 2018 according to Halifax Home Insurance research.

In the summer months2 last year, unforced burglary claims hiked up each month3, with claims more than doubling between March 2018 and July 2018 (up 131.03%).

As we spend more time outdoors enjoying the better weather, it’s important that homeowners are careful to avoid being targeted by opportunistic thieves.

Tim Downes, Senior Claims Manager, Halifax Home Insurance, said:

“British summertime is arriving and, whilst homeowners will want to enjoy the lighter mornings and evenings, they should also ensure they take the appropriate steps to protect their property.

“As the weather gets warmer and homeowners spend more time outdoors, thieves can be quick to enter unlocked doors and windows, or access outdoor sheds or garages that aren’t properly secured.

“It’s easy to forget to lock doors and windows when you’re in the garden, but these can be an easy target for opportunistic burglars. And it’s important to take time to secure outbuildings, both during the day and at night.

“By taking simple measures, homeowners can worry less about unwelcome visitors and focus on making the most of the longer days and better weather.”

Follow Halifax Home Insurance’s top tips to keep your home and garden safe from daylight robbery:

  1. Lock up: Ensure all windows and doors are locked and that garden sheds, gates, garages and outbuildings remain bolted with a secure lock to avoid opportunistic burglars.
  2. Mark up: Mark items of value, such as patio furniture and ornaments, with your postcode, and keep photos of your garden valuables in case anything is stolen or vandalised.
  3. Cover up: Make sure you have adequate home insurance cover which also covers belongings in the garden, and keep receipts for valuable items to help in the event of a claim.
  4. Clear up: Keep gardens maintained and trees pruned to remove hiding places for burglars and make sure there are no gaps in fences or bushes for opportunistic thieves to slip through. Make sure the fences around your garden are in good condition.
  5. Gravel up: Driveways or front paths with pebbles or gravel make it easier to hear someone approaching your property, as well as having good outdoor lighting.



Note to Editors:

1No force used when trespassing with intent to commit a crime

2Summer months are March-July inclusive. Based on Halifax home insurance in-house claims data.

3Table 1: Summer claims data for 2018








No. of unforced   burglaries claims