Halifax introduces new card freeze options for credit card customers

15 July 2019

Halifax customers now have a greater range of options to control where and how they use their credit card

From today customers will be able to access ‘card freeze’ through their mobile app, allowing them to stop their credit card being used in a number of different ways.

Flexible and dynamic, Card Freeze lets customers choose which types of transactions are allowed from their Halifax app. Customers who may have mislaid their card, at home or abroad, can simply “freeze card” transactions. Once they find it, they can just “unfreeze” with ease.

Customers can also exercise greater control over any additional cards, avoiding unexpected spending sprees and choosing which transactions can or can’t be made on all cards linked to their account, including online purchases.

These new options are in addition to the control services introduced for debit cards in August 2018, which allow debit card customers to freeze usage abroad, online and remote, and freeze at tills or terminals.

Customers will see information pop-up on how to make use of the new functionality when they log in to their mobile app. These features are easy to use, simply “switching” on or off the buttons in the card management area of their mobile app.

  • Freeze card: Stops all card based transactions
  • Freeze abroad: Stops all point of sale transactions and ATM withdrawals outside of the UK
  • Freeze online and remote: Stops all transactions where the card is not physically present
  • Freeze at tills and terminals: Stops transactions where the card is present 
  • Freeze at cash machine: Stops cash machine withdrawals

Elyn Corfield, Managing Director Consumer Finance, says: “Through our new mobile banking app functionality, Halifax customers can enjoy greater confidence that their cards are safe and now have more options to manage their day to day finances through freezing and unfreezing spending on their credit card, giving them extra peace of mind.”

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