UK adults avoid getting a new job, moving or getting married, as it’s too stressful

06 July 2019

  • 39% of people stopped themselves going through with an important milestone in their life because of the potential stress
  • Almost a quarter of us find financial issues the most stressful part of our day to day lives
  • Financial issues frustrate us more than transport delays or managing a hectic schedule

Almost two fifths (39%) of us have not pursued big milestones in our lives, such as getting a new job, moving house, getting married or having a child, because it would be too stressful, according to new online research commissioned by Halifax.

Almost a quarter of us (23%) find our personal finances the most stressful part of our day to day lives with the latest research revealing that financial issues eclipse all other modern day worries; including work, family problems, transport delays and a hectic schedule.

Help is at hand with technology, which people think can help with easing some of these difficulties. Almost four in five (77%) say technology is making our lives easier.

When it comes to making day to day banking more straight-forward there are a few things that come at the top of the list.  Easy to use and increased app functionality (11%), money advice on financial products and investments (9%) and simplifying cheque deposits (16%) would all make managing our day to day to banking easier.

With technology easing everyday stresses and difficulties, over 40% of people still mostly expect their bank to provide simplicity to their customers, followed by transparency (24%), above and ahead of providing a fast service, advice and innovation.

Halifax, whether through helping customers own a home or providing access to jargon free information, is reducing barriers and removing the complexity from our everyday lives. Mobile app developments have introduced easier ways to do everyday banking, such as paying in a cheque on your phone or freezing your card if you misplace it.

Russell Galley, Managing Director, Halifax said: “The way we do our banking is evolving but our life goals remain unchanged - and by making banking more straightforward we can help ease customers’ financial stress. We want to encourage people to talk to us about their financial issues, helping them avoid unnecessary worry, whether that’s with day to day banking or saving for future important milestones such as getting married, moving house or planning a holiday.”