Frequently Asked Questions

Coronavirus (Covid-19) and working with suppliers

Covid-19 Update: 12 November 2020

General Supplier Update: 21 May 2020

For general enquiries please contact your Supplier Relationship Manager or business contact in the first instance.

For queries about specific invoices you have sent us, please contact our Invoicing team by email or on 0845 600 1779.

To amend any details, such as your VAT number, address, bank details, you can either email the changes as a pdf to Vendor Admin.

Or send a letter to:

Lloyds Banking Group
Invoices & Expenses - Vendor Admin
Group Finance
1st Floor Ettrick House
37 South Gyle Crescent
EH12 9DS

Please send any correspondence like this separately from any invoices.

Your Purchase Order (PO) will be sent via the Ariba Network.  You will receive an email notification indicating that you have been issued a PO.  To view the PO, you will be required to follow a link in the PO notification email and either create a free Ariba Network account or sign into an existing account.

Click here for support with setting up a free Ariba Account.  Please note, this includes troubleshooting guidance.

In exceptional circumstances, where a PO is unavailable, please ensure you reference the e-mail address of your Lloyds Banking Group business contact within the invoice.


To help avoid delays to payment, invoices must be emailed directly to the Accounts Payable team and not to individuals in the business.

It’s important that you always quote a PO (Purchase Order) number or a Control Centre Code on invoices. Failure to do so will result in a delay to the payment of your invoice.

To avoid delay, all invoices need to meet set criteria including a specific layout and providing key information. You can find out more about the criteria here.

If you are unable to submit invoices via email, you may post to: Lloyds Banking Group, Accounts Payable, BX1 1LT.

If you are registered with us on the Ariba Network, you should use this to e-invoice. Please avoid also sending paper invoices as these can create duplicate entries which require investigating and cause payment delays.

Please allow us 30 days to process payments. 

If you are registered with us on the Ariba Network, you can use that to check the status of your invoice. 

If a payment is incorrect, please contact us by email.

We will issue a Remittance Advice to confirm when a payment has been made.  If you are not receiving a Remittance Advice please contact us by email.

If you are registered with us on the Ariba Network, you can check the status of your payment. This will inform you whether the invoice has been processed and paid. Please check your Remittance Advice for the details of amount and the Bank Account it’s been paid to.

Our standard Terms and Conditions are available here.

To take part in any supplier or sourcing activity with Lloyds Banking Group, you will need to register with us on the Ariba Network – even if you already have an existing Ariba Network account. 

One of our Lloyds Banking Group Sourcing team will have asked you to take part in a sourcing activity, such as a contract renewal or new sourcing request – or to prepare for future activity.

Shortly after that you will receive an email from the Ariba Network, asking you to register with us. Please follow the link in the email to start the registration process.

Please use this guide to walk you through each step.

If you get the warning message below when trying to Log in or Sign up (and it might appear more than once), please see our guidance on Managing duplicate accounts at the end of the registration guide.

‘Potential existing accounts'

We have noticed that there may already be an Ariba Network account registered by your company. Please review before you create a new account.’

If you need support with your Ariba Network account, please visit the SAP Ariba Help Center where you can find articles and video tutorials, or request a call back for further help.

If you have further questions about how to work with Lloyds Banking Group via the Ariba Network please view this FAQ guide and speak to your Sourcing / Supplier Manager.

In the first instance please contact your Supplier Relationship Manager or business contact. They will work with you to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

If you do not know your Supplier Relationship Manager or the business contact that originally engaged you, please email Group Sourcing and they will find the right contact point for you. 

If your complaint is about a particular invoice please email  our Invoicing team, providing the invoice number, value and date, plus where and when it was sent.

We hope our suppliers feel able to raise concerns directly with their Supplier Relationship Manager. If this is not possible, they can use our confidential Whistleblowing service, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Telephone - UK: 0800 0141 053
Email or visit the website

The Group’s Whistleblowing calls are handled by Expolink, who are completely independent of the Group and experienced in dealing with Whistleblowing issues. The service is completely confidential and calls are not recorded.