Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions on the Supplier Qualification System (SQS)

Hellios Information Management Ltd is a UK based company with extensive experience in collecting and maintaining supplier data on behalf of a number of global and UK companies.

Lloyds Banking Group has appointed Hellios to collect and administer Supplier Assurance related data on behalf of the Group. Hellios will collect and check the data provided by suppliers and ensure the data is maintained on the Financial Supplier Qualification System.

Hellios is an approved supplier of Lloyds Banking Group. Hellios does not assess a supplier's suitability for qualification - that decision rests with Lloyds Banking Group.

Yes, your organisation is required to register any legal entity that submits an invoice to Lloyds Banking Group.

No, qualification is by invitation only.

No, other suppliers will not have access to the information you provide.

Yes, one of the benefits of the new system is that suppliers' assurance information will be available to other areas in Lloyds Banking Group. This will reduce requests for duplicate information from the Group.

No, your organisation will not be asked to provide this or any other commercial information.

Hellios will provide full details of the payment options available however we recommend suppliers make an online payment to Hellios for immediate access to the Stage 2 assessment.

Please contact Hellios Supplier Support: email: or telephone 01865 959120 - 8.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.