How to gain qualification

Qualification on FSQS is by invitation only

Stage 1 Qualification

Suppliers will receive an email invitation to complete an online questionnaire. The invitation will come from Hellios, an external partner, who the FSQS for the subscriber Banks in the FSQS Community. The questionnaire should take around one hour to complete.

This information will allow us to determine whether your organisation only requires Stage 1 Qualification, or is required to complete the Stage 2 assessment.

There are two levels of qualification. Stage 1 Qualification will be sufficient to cover most suppliers. However, some products and services are subject to additional compliance and policy requirements, dependent on the services provided to the Group.

Stage 2 Qualification

Stage 2 requires the completion of a more detailed online assessment and the provision of evidence to support your application. This stage typically covers your policies and practice in areas detailed under Third Party Policies.

Application for Stage 2 may incur an annual fee, which is payable directly to Hellios, to cover the operational costs of administering the system.

In support of the Group’s Helping Britain Prosper Plan, if your organisation is an autonomous small, medium or micro sized enterprise (SME)* then no fee will be charged to apply for Stage 2 Qualification.

Following Stage 2 qualification, the Bank may wish to conduct further assurance activities including an on-site audit. This will be conducted by Lloyds Banking Group and will incur no further fees.

*Aligned to the EU Recommendation 2003/361