Third Party Policies

Our Code of Supplier Responsibility, also accessible from Responsible Sourcing, sets out the minimum standards we expect all our suppliers to conform to. We assess all of our suppliers against the Code and its principles.

Suppliers are also asked to comply with the Third Party Supplier Policies when applicable to the services provided by that supplier to the Group. Third party policies are documents which:

  • articulate Lloyds Banking Group's expectations in regards to behaviours and decision making
  • address the primary areas of risk which Lloyds Banking Group faces
  • translate Lloyds Banking Group's risk appetite into mandatory requirements and Policy Key Controls

If you, as a supplier to the Bank, are unclear which Third Party Policies apply to the service you are providing, then please contact your Lloyds Banking Group supplier contact for clarification.

To download the current versions of Lloyds Banking Group Third Party Policies, select the relevant link/s below.

To ensure you are viewing the latest versions, please delete any temporary internet files.

Anti Bribery Third Party Policy  (June 2020)

Anti Money Laundering Third Party Policy (November 2020)

Code of Supplier Responsibility (December 2019)

Complaint Handling Third Party Policy (Replaced by: Customer Third Party Policy)

Compliance Third Party Policy (June 2020)

Customer Third Party Policy (NEW April 2020)

Customer Assets Management and Reporting Third Party Policy (November 2020)

Customer Treatment Third Party Policy (Replaced by: Customer Third Party Policy)

Data Privacy Third Party Policy  (Replaced by: Group Data Third Party Policy)

Financial Supplier Qualification System (FSQS) Brochure (May 2017)

Fraud Third Party Policy (June 2020)

Group Change Third Party Policy (June 2020)

Group Colleague Third Party Policy (June 2020)

Group Data Third Party Policy (NEW April 2020)

Group Health, Safety and Fire Third Party Policy (September 2020)

Group Payments Third Party Policy (November 2020)

Group Sourcing and Supply Chain Management Third Party Policy (April 2020) 

Minimum Security Standards Third Party Policy (NEW August 2020)

Operational Resilience Third Party Policy (NEW September 2020)

Operational Risk Third Party Policy (March 2019)

Records Management Third Party Policy (Replaced by: Group Data Third Party Policy)

Remuneration Third Party Policy (October 2019)

Resilience and Continuity Third Party Policy (Replaced by: Operational Resilience Third Party Policy)

Sanctions Third Party Policy (September 2020)

SpeakUp Third Party Policy (June 2020)

Technology Third Party Policy (January 2020)